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Mo Sanchez is a first-generation American of Cuban descent who originally hails from Miami (you know, where all the other Cubans not in Cuba are from). In addition to pouring rosé and being the life of the party at Back Pocket Bar, she is an award-winning actress having appeared in several film and tv shows including, “Law & Order: SVU” and starred in the New York Times Critics Pick and off-Broadway hit, “Drunk Shakespeare” as well as Anya Pearson’s “Made To Dance In Burning Buildings” at the world-famous Joe’s Pub, just to name a few. She is the co-host and co-creator of the weekly paranormal/true-crime/comedy podcast, “Another Fucking Horror Podcast”. When she isn’t doing all the things previously mentioned, she is also a model who specializes in pin-up and boudoir. Check out her podcast on Spotify: Another Fucking Horror Podcast